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François-Marie Patorni
I have removed my address in Santa Fe and phone number as Google invaded my privacy and posted them on maps and other places, and I have been flooded by unwanted calls and messages. Please simply e-mail me.

I am a French American living in Santa Fe, where I moved in 2004 after retiring from the World Bank in Washington, DC.  I am writing a book, “New Mexico: The French since the 1500s”, on the history of the French, French-Canadians and other French-speaking people in New Mexico.  It will follow the pioneering journeys, struggles and triumphs of these immigrants, some famous as well as many other individuals and families, a few of whose descendants still maintain vibrant links with their relatives in France and other countries.

There are hundreds families with French ancestry in New Mexico and the American West.  If you happen to belong to one of them, if you have knowledge about French people or places in New Mexico, if you have family memorabilia, photographs or letters related to your ancestors, or simply memories from oral history, I would be delighted if you would share them with me for my book.

If you wish to be notified when my book comes out, hopefully in 2015, please let me know at .  I will keep your name and e-mail address confidential.

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  1. Adriana Foris says:

    I enjoyed the column in the Albuquerque Journal today about your book. Do you know about the French people who settled in Corrales? The Alary family and others. Are LePlat and DeBoute also French names? The book by Arcadia Publishing in the Images of America series about Corrales might be a good reference. It is Corrales by Mary P. Davis and the Cirrales Historical Society. If you would like contact information for Mary Davis, I’d be glad to get it for you. She is very active in compiling historic information for Corrales.

    Adriana Foris

  2. Deidre Glasgow says:

    I am not a French America but a Norwegian American. What I found interesting was the names of the French people that came up from Mexico City on the Jornada del Muerto. I cannot remember where I read this information. The musuem at the World Heritage center off I25 had alot of info there. Another place my husband and I went to ealier this year was Inspiration Rock/El Morro National Monumen. The settlers, military and people passing through signed names on the sandstone wall.

  3. LUIS A Chavez says:

    My family has been in Nuevo Mexico since 1598. My connection to the French came when one of ancestor Jean l’ Archeveque was brought into Nuevo Mexico or northern province of Nueva Espana. It seems you already have a lot of information so I do not know how I could help but an very interested in your research. Do you already know that
    Jean was brought in as a captive with lines on his face, this reported in the military logs.
    He was killed in Nebraska near the Platte rivers as recorded on the hide you mention in the Albu. Journal. The involvement of the Spanish was left out of the history books because the historians of the times chose not to report the facts after the Revolutionary War, this is probably why the French were not mentioned as well.

  4. Peter Bartlett (Bartelot ca 1066?) Smith says:

    My wife is a granddaughter of Alphonse Auguste Bourguet, one of the Frenchmen you have listed. Her father was Alphose’s youngest child. His name was James S. Bourguet. On her mother’s side, my wife (Edna M. Bourguet Smith) is a great, great grandfather of Phillipe Bourguignon (1828 -1892?). Phillipe arrived in Baltimore in 1848 and soon enlisted in the US Army. First stationed in Texas, his unit was transferred to Fort Craig in 1855; where he met and married Maria Tomasa Gonzales.
    On several occasions, we have visited the Bourguet descendants in the southern French village of Luziers, Gard, France and elsewhere in France, and some of them have visited us here. We maintain frequent contacts with Bourguet descendants in several parts of France. There is a good story about the family contact after many decades of that contact having been broken.

  5. Peter Bartlett (Bartelot ca 1066?) Smith says:

    Oops! I said my wife is a great, great grandfather of Phillipe Bourguignon. Not the case, she is a great, great granddaughter!. Sorry for sloppy work!

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