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Francois-Marie Patorni

Francois-Marie Patorni

Francois-Marie Patorni

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  1. Maria Lu..Archibeque Rivera says:

    Yes..I come from the L’Archeveque and Muller LeRouge Frenchmen..also a Montoya grandmother. All from NM. I was who provided Prima Lorene Salgardo (who I have yet to meet) with Charles Muller LeRouge in her website.
    Looking forward to exploring your web pages.

  2. Edward Archuleta says:

    You have a great website! Thanks for the research you are doing on New Mexico French families. I am a descendant of Jean-Baptiste Alarid (originally Alari or Alarie). From what I’ve uncovered he was born in Quebec, Canada with roots in Poitiers, France.

  3. Labbaye says:

    Cher Monsieur, vous devez me connaître puisque Madame Pascale VEBER m’a demandé des informations sur un prêtre auvergnat qui a exercé à Santa Fé. Etant universitaire, et en même temps archiviste bénévole du diocèse de Clermont-Ferrand, j’ai le plaisir de prendre contact avec vous afin de vous demander quelques informations sur les prêtres originaires de notre diocèse et qui ont exercé aux Etats-Unis.
    Je vous remercie vivement de bien vouloir me répondre

    Jean Labbaye 10 rue Blatin 63000 Clermont-Ferrand (France)

  4. Adrienne (Salazar) Liermann says:

    I would like to be notified when your book “The French in New Mexico” is published. I am of French ancestry. The names in my family tree include: Vaur, Guerin, Laroche, Reimbert, Vassal and De Couzon.
    Some of my earliest ancestors came from Puy-de Dome, France on one of Bishop Lamy’s recruiting trips, in 1854, for priests to come to New Mexico Territory. My great grandparents immigrated to New Mexico in 1854. I have photographs and documents regarding some of them. I also have some information about them that I have found on the internet. I have a tree on that I am trying to complete. I would be delighted to have a copy of your book. Please keep my email address and my name and keep me informed. Adrienne (Salazar} Liermann

  5. You mentioned that you were in contact with a Mercure descendant that resides in Canada. If possible, would you contact him and ask if I could have his e-mail address. Henri and Joseph Mercure’s parents are still a mystery to me, and perhaps he can help.

    Your presentation today in Albuquerque was very informative.

    Thanks again
    Lorene Salgardo ( LeRouge Muller Mercure )

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