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Francois-Marie Patorni

Francois-Marie Patorni

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  1. Maria Lu..Archibeque Rivera says:

    Yes..I come from the L’Archeveque and Muller LeRouge Frenchmen..also a Montoya grandmother. All from NM. I was who provided Prima Lorene Salgardo (who I have yet to meet) with Charles Muller LeRouge in her website.
    Looking forward to exploring your web pages.

  2. Edward Archuleta says:

    You have a great website! Thanks for the research you are doing on New Mexico French families. I am a descendant of Jean-Baptiste Alarid (originally Alari or Alarie). From what I’ve uncovered he was born in Quebec, Canada with roots in Poitiers, France.

  3. Labbaye says:

    Cher Monsieur, vous devez me connaître puisque Madame Pascale VEBER m’a demandé des informations sur un prêtre auvergnat qui a exercé à Santa Fé. Etant universitaire, et en même temps archiviste bénévole du diocèse de Clermont-Ferrand, j’ai le plaisir de prendre contact avec vous afin de vous demander quelques informations sur les prêtres originaires de notre diocèse et qui ont exercé aux Etats-Unis.
    Je vous remercie vivement de bien vouloir me répondre

    Jean Labbaye 10 rue Blatin 63000 Clermont-Ferrand (France)

  4. Adrienne (Salazar) Liermann says:

    I would like to be notified when your book “The French in New Mexico” is published. I am of French ancestry. The names in my family tree include: Vaur, Guerin, Laroche, Reimbert, Vassal and De Couzon.
    Some of my earliest ancestors came from Puy-de Dome, France on one of Bishop Lamy’s recruiting trips, in 1854, for priests to come to New Mexico Territory. My great grandparents immigrated to New Mexico in 1854. I have photographs and documents regarding some of them. I also have some information about them that I have found on the internet. I have a tree on that I am trying to complete. I would be delighted to have a copy of your book. Please keep my email address and my name and keep me informed. Adrienne (Salazar} Liermann

  5. You mentioned that you were in contact with a Mercure descendant that resides in Canada. If possible, would you contact him and ask if I could have his e-mail address. Henri and Joseph Mercure’s parents are still a mystery to me, and perhaps he can help.

    Your presentation today in Albuquerque was very informative.

    Thanks again
    Lorene Salgardo ( LeRouge Muller Mercure )

  6. John Fransua says:

    Hello Monsieur Francois-Marie,

    I recently heard that my great-great grander father Joseph Louis Francois was with the French intervention in Mexico, also known as the Maximilian Affair in the early 1860’s, and that he also might have been named very close to Queen Marie Antoinette after her execution.

    My great grandfather Mauricio Francois was born in Starkville Co in 1875, a coal mining town in Southern Colorado, which is only nine miles from the New Mexico state border, and he is buried there along with most of his seven sons.

    The spelling of Francois was changed to Fransua at some point, and I’m not sure how or why, but Mauricio’s mother was born in Pojoaque, Santa Fe , New Mexico Territory in 1853, and maybe it was when Joseph died around 1878 that the Francois name became Fransua sounding more phonetically correct in Spanish.

    I would like to know if there are any records of the names of the French soldiers that survived, and maybe escaped to New Mexico, or Southern Colorado?

    I would appreciate any information regarding this historic period.

    Thank you,

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