New Mexico DNA Project


The goal of the New Mexico DNA Project is to help people find their ancient origins, whatever they may be. To discover previously unknown living relatives. To determine migration patterns of different families. To see if similar sounding surnames are related. To discover how closely related all of us really are. To share this information with others so that we can learn more about where we came from.  One can also test confidentially if privacy is a concern.

To join the project , go to A description of the tests is at .

So far nearly 2,000 New Mexicans have been tested. The website displays a list of family names whose members have been tested or for whom testing would further knowledge of New Mexico’ human history. This list is preliminary and does not include all those who are part of the Project.

Everybody is welcome and encouraged, especially those who have (of think they have) French ancestors.

The Project’s director is Angel de Cervantes, who will be delighted to help, and can be contacted at .

Here is a useful website to make it easier for people to understand the intricacies of DNA testing and the pros and cons of various ancestry DNA services as well as the specific types of information you can get from each of them:

4 Responses to New Mexico DNA Project

  1. Ricardo says:

    I’ve been following the trail of Priest Louis Bourdier, who seems to be my ancestor, he was located in Southern Sonora on the late XIX, how can DNA help to solve this familiy mistery?


  2. Joyce Gonzales says:

    Will you talk on July 11th include Jean L’Archiveque who I descend from?

  3. Betty Martinez says:

    My mother (Lilly Trujillo) was born in Springet , New Mexico 12/20/1915. Her mother was Juanita Gutierrez (maiden Trujillo) and her mother was last namePaiz (thinking this was her married name). So for years I’ve been told that Paiz is a drench name n that my grandmother Jusnita was half French. So there in is my quest to find out if In deed Paiz could be French. Thanking you in advance for your help.
    Betty Martinez

  4. Feliz Tixier says:

    My husband’s great-grandfather, Jean Baptiste Tixier, came with Bishop Lamy from Puy de Dome to help build St. Francis Cathedral in Santa Fe. Do you know anything about this gentleman?

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