Below are a few French names of fur traders and trappers which appear in the records as having be working in New Mexico.

A. Alanard
Louis Ambroise
Charles Autobees
Louison Baudoin
Charles Beaubien
Joseph Bijeau / Bissonnette
Antoine Blanchard
F. Braie
Jean-Pierre Cabanné
Simon Carat
Anastase Carier
P. Carpenteur (might be same as Larpenteur)
Jean-Baptiste Chalifoux
Pierre Chalifoux
Jean Chavelon
Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau
Pierre Chouteau
Charles Chouteau
Simon Clert (might be same as Carat)
Jules Decluet
Jacques d’Eglise
S. Desportes
Antoine Dillette
Jules Ducet
Laurent Durocher
Lucien Fontenelle
Joseph, Manuel, François, Jen-Baptiste Gervais
Hugh Glas
François Guérin
Joseph Jarvet
Jean Jeantet
Denis Julien
Joseph Junair
Louis La Bonté
Jean-Baptiste La Case
Denis Lacroix
François Laforêt
Manuel Laforêt
Baptiste Lafarque
Joseph Laframboise
Baptiste Lalande
Pierre Laliberté
Charles Larpenteur
Anastase Lasalle
William LeBlanc
J. Leblond
François Leclerc
Antoine and Abraham Ledoux
Maurice LeDuc
Manuel LeFebre
Antoine Leroux
Pierre Lespérance
Joseph Livernois
Régis Loisel
Etienne Lucier
B. Lusignant
Jeannot Metayer
Gervais Nolan
G. Olivier
Joseph Philibert
Jean Poisel
José Portelance
Sylvestre Pratte
Etienne Provost
François Quenelle
Antoine Robidoux etc.
L. Sénécal
François Sioté
Baptiste St. Germain
Céran St. Vrain
Marcellin St. Vrain
L. Sénécal
André Soulier
T. Tourville
François Turcotte
André Térien
Jean-Baptiste Trudeau
Jean Vaillant
F. Vertefeuille and son
Henri Visonet

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3 Responses to FUR TRADE

  1. Jennifer Ankiewicz says:

    Hello, I was just wondering what records you have indicating that Pierre Charette was a fur trapper in New Mexico?

  2. I have an interest in knowing more about the Laforet’s history.

    • Dee Escobedo Abila says:

      François Laforêt is my great, great, great grandfather. I would be happy to share whatever I know. How are you related to him?

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