Mexican War 1846

MEXICAN WAR 1846 / Fremont Roster
Thank you to the Fresno County Genealogical Society.

Original Roster of John C. Fremont’s California Battalion, nine companies of volunteers which operated against the Mexican forces in California at the time of the occupation of the country by the United States (1846-1847).

French names in Company A
Auguste Archambeault (recorded as Archambeau), Joudreau, G. Goulet, Joseph Laframboise, L. and J. Rondeau, Desnoyes, Ignace Jaman and Henry Mercure.

French names in Company B, C, D, E, and F:
None found.
French names in Company G: L. Lefleur, enlisted November 9, 1846
French names in Company H and Artillery: None found.

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