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  1. Margaret Gross says:


    My Family Tree, which includes my French family from Bernalillo, NM. It is found at Our family name is Gros and my grandfather added another s to the name. We believe this to be when he was working in and around Denver, CO, when the Ku Klux Klan was strong and controlled a lot in and around Denver. Being Catholic, half-hispanic, half-french was probably pretty scary.

    Thank you,

  2. Rita M. Padilla-Gutierrez says:

    Looking for photo(s) of Father J. B. Ralliere pastor of Tome, NM with his students in Tome. Trying to find photo of my great grandfather Luis Padilla, one of his students. Probably about 13 years of age when he returned to Tome from the El Paso area.

  3. anonymous says:

    Comment: While living in the northern New Mexico communities of Penasco, Vadito, Rodarte, etc. I met many people of french/spanish ancestry.

  4. Angela Rodriguez says:

    Hello, my grandfather was Nathen Weil. One of the first French Jews in NM. He lived in Ocate NM.

  5. Marie Armijo Brady says:

    I am descended from the Turcotte and Blanchard family near LosLefebres in Mora County. We were contacted in the 1960s regarding a land grant issue. Of course my father did not reply because we were not in contact with the Armijos that from that area since a branch of the Lefevre branch left for Montana in the 1920s.
    Are they any family members that were able to go beyond the ancestral records back to Montreal or New Brunswick where the Turcotte and Blanchard lines reportedly descend from? I am unable to read longhand French baptismal records and the name Blanchard has been modifed through territorial records to read as Brachal as the Anglo population could not understand the French and Mountain Spanish pronunciation. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Georgiana Martinez Sandoval ( Georgiana Fayet Sandoval) says:

    My Great Great Grandfather was Joseph Baptiste Fayet. Great Great Grandmother was Clarita Martinez, their son was Juan Martinez. Josephine Martinez is the daughter of Juan Martinez, her son Miguel Sandoval Martinez is my father.
    Joseph Baptiste Fayet was a Catholic Priest in San Miguel New Mexico. I am looking for family information on Clarita Martinez.

  7. Monique Durham says:

    By chance I came upon this web site while looking for Basque in New Mexico. I am not a native New Mexican –I am French and my ancestral home is in the Pyrenees. Some of my ancestors are from both side of the French/Spanish border.
    Your site looks very interesting.

  8. Kim Gower says:

    My husband is the great great grandson of Jean Baptiste Vaur from Mora and Las Vegas New Mexico. I have some genealogy done on the family and have some pictures I need help identifying. If there is anyone out there related to the Guerin and Vaur families I would love to hear from you. Please email me at


  9. Louis Le Gendre says:


    Some have asked about the origin of the name ‘Lefebvre’ (sometimes also spelled ‘Lefèvre’).

    In old regional French from Northern France provinces, it means ‘the blacksmith’ (‘le fèvre’).

    It is a fairly common family name in France and other speaking countries such as Belgium or Canada-Quebec.

    The ‘Lefebvre’ in New Mexico, like other French people who settled in the Western USA, may have come first through what was ‘New France’ at that time, i.e. Canada and large parts of the Mid-West and the South (‘Louisiane’).

    You can read more on the Lefebvre family name on this Quebec web site, here opened at the ‘Lefebvre family name:
    It is in French, but translation can be easily found from your computer or on the internet.

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