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Below are some of the activities with French interests that I know.  Please let me know if you want, or do not want, to be listed here. The names and organizations are listed in no specific order.

Isabelle Thiebaut – EYE Opening
Santa Fe
EYE Opening is committed to inspire and support a positive and constructive change for all involved that leads every member of the community, teens, parents, educators, to personal and professional fulfillment by reaching their goals and their dreams.

Clôdie Francois – Mesdames Carton
Eco-friendly furniture &  lamps with original concepts and flair
French native, born in Paris, graduated in Literature & Psychology from the Sorbonne University, Clôdie began her artistic path teaching painting & literature classes in French high schools. She worked 15 years as a journalist for the daily newspaper “Liberation”. Meanwhile, she was also involved in theater arts, both on stage and backstage, as director, actor, and singer.
P.O. Box 322, Chamisal, NM 87521
(505) 689-1194

Raphaelle Goethals
Santa Fe

Mokha Laget
Santa Fe

Dominique Mazeaud
Santa Fe

Jean-Luc E. Cartron, Ph.D. Department of Biology MSC03 2020 1 University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Researcher at the University of New Mexico. Editor of the extraordinary book Raptors of New Mexico (UNM Press, 2010) and author of various field guides.

French Club of the University of New Mexico

Alex Barnier: President
Lucca Henrion : Vice President
Elise Vanroy : Teacher/Assistant Events
Sarah Hassan : Communications

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French language courses and translations
Santa Fe:

Françoise Alexander

Alliance Française

Santa Fe Coaching

Le Cercle de Vie

Thomas Shumaker
Office of the State Historian – New Mexico
Grants Administrator

Thomas’ family comes from France (Alsace, Flandre, and Artois, France), and Hainaut in Belgium (he was born and raised near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). He is fluent in French. His academic research focus is early modern Europe, in particular the French Civil Wars (1560-1600), among many other topics. For more information, see

History of the French in New Mexico
“This” website!

The Corridor newspaper
Marc-Paul LaRouche and family.
The Corridor is a community newspaper based in Eldorado, near Santa Fe.
Marc-Paul’s family comes from France a long time ago, via Canada and, in the 1950s, Kentucky. See the Corridor’s website at www.the

Catherine Y Fridey

Catherine Y. Fridey is a French-born actor, producer, and award-winning screenwriter. She was raised outside of Chicago, she has extensive travel experience, and now makes the multi-cultural state of New Mexico her home base. Her feature screenplays have placed in several competitions, and she is developing an animated television series called, “Time Travel Team.” Her website is worth watching!


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