French-Canadian Charles Blanchard purchased this organ for the Las Vegas Lady of Sorrows church in 1885. It is still in use but needs renovation.

Information and videos are at, click here, or call OLOS at (505) 454-1469 for more information.

LATEST NEWS (April 2017)
There will be e a Mozart’s Vesper’s Concert by the UNM Chamber Singers, Orchestra and organist coming as a fund raising concert on May 12th at 6 PM. Following the concert, the organ builder/restorer will show pictures and talk about what he found in Phase I and what needs to be done for restoration. The committee just decided to make the concert tickets also be raffle tickets for three prizes, one of which is Our Lady of Fatima in a bas- relief wall hanging by an Italian artist.

Additional groups coming to help us will be from the Taos Community Chorus and possibly the organist from the Episcopal Cathedral in Albuquerque, Maxine Thevenot. These dates are being discussed.

This organ is one of 10 Kilgen organs possible still in existence that were built in 1885 or earlier. The only other one of this size is at a church in San Antonio, and they altered the organ to include touch flips to turn on various ranks. This organ still has the push and pull stops.