My Book

New Mexico: The French since the 1500s explores 500 years of the history of French, French-Canadian and other French-speaking people in New Mexico and their life in the “Land of Enchantment”.

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This book will follow the pioneering journeys, struggles and triumphs of French immigrants, some famous like Cavelier de La Salle , Jean L’Archevêque and Jacques Grolet of La Rochelle, founders of today’s Archibeque and Gurule dynasties; Pierre Vial, John Frémont, Charles Beaubien, Francis Aubry and Archbishop Lamy; and many other individuals and families whose descendants still maintain vibrant links with their relatives in France.

The book will also review the French architectural legacy, including that of the Santa Fe cathedral, the Loretto chapel and its famous French-built spiral staircase, stained glass and harmonium, Bishop’s Lodge, the mausoleum and priests area of Santa Fe’s Rosario cemetery, Socorro’s “French Quarter”, and other sites around New Mexico.

It will include numerous illustrations, reproductions of paintings and engravings from the times before photography, maps, archival photographs, and pictures retrieved from the memorabilia of descendants of French families in New Mexico.  It will also show past and present views of the many New Mexico towns and places with French names, such as Bayard, Chapelle, Clovis, Gascon, Lamy, Ledoux, Leroux, Pendaries, Rendez-Vous and Roy.

There is not one history of the French in New Mexico, but many stories leading to modern times.  Families with  French ancestry abound in New Mexico, as Frenchmen married Native American, Hispanic, Creole and European women through the centuries.  I am seeking to contact such families, willing to share their memories, memorabilia and photographs for an upcoming book. I hope that many of these families will share their memories in this book.