The French in New Mexico: History, Ancestry and Genealogy.

Are you a New Mexican with French ancestors?

This website is about the history of the French in New Mexico, their history and genealogy.

I am seeking to contact descendants and lovers of history for my upcoming book. Please share your knowledge, memories, memorabilia and photographs.  Please contact me at

This website also …
- Encourages families with French ancestors to share information.
– Informs about New Mexico’s French legacy and stimulates dialogue.
– Creates new friendships to enjoy the diversity of our interwoven roots.

The French have been part of New Mexico’s legacy since the early 1500s.  Families with French ancestry abound in New Mexico, as Frenchmen married Native American, Spanish, Creole, Anglo and other European women through the centuries. Women with French ancestry also founded families, and thousands of New Mexicans today have French blood.

In modern times, many people from New Mexico or who made New Mexico their home had French parents or married French men and women.

Please get in touch if you would like me to speak for your group.


French families of Albuquerque
Sponsored by Historic Albuquerque.
July 11, 2015 at 10:30am.
In Botts Hall, which is part of the Special Collections Library at 423 Central Avenue NE, Albuquerque.

Talks in the lecture series on ethnic groups are tentatively as follows:
February 10, 2015    Chinese, Japanese & Filipinos
March 14, 2015    Greeks
Apr. 11, 2015    Germans
May 9, 2015    Scottish
June 13, 2015    African
July 11, 2015    French
August 8, 2015    Spanish
September 12, 2015    Irish
October 10, 2015    Norwegians
November 14, 2015    Italians
January 9, 2016    Lebanese/Syrian

Past talks:

Sunday July 13, 2104 – 11am to 12:30pm
Collected Works Bookstore / 202 Galisteo Street, Santa Fe
October 30, 2013, Albuquerque.  As part of the University of New Mexico Continuous Education/Story of New Mexico
July 14, 2013, 11am to 12:30pm, Santa Fe: At the Collected Works bookstore, part of a panel on French history, culture and gastronomy.
October 25, 2012, Santa Fe: State Archives Month.
October 7, 2012, Denver:  Western History Association Conference.
June 15-17, 2012, Santa Fe: Genealogical Society of Hispanic America.
June 6, 2012, Lamy: Lamy, the place and the Bishop, at the Pony Express Ride.
May 3-5, 2012, Santa Fe: Historical Society of NM 2012 Centennial Conference.
April 14, 2012, Santa Fe: Southwest Oral History Association Conference .